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Skilled Nursing Facility Abuse

Skilled Nursing Facility Abuse Law Practice

A Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) is a distinct part of a hospital or a separate facility, which provides continuous custody of elderly residents along with extensive care for elderly patients who primarily need nursing care on an extended basis.
Licensed by the California Department of Public Health, (DPH), these facilities are required to meet the California Nursing Home standards. They have to be able to provide around the clock care, and at a minimum, include a physician, a trained and skilled nursing staff, along with dietary and pharmaceutical services.
At Lanzone Morgan, LLP we have seen that in a large number of abuse cases, elderly residents are unable to convey to their family that they are being abused due to a physical or mental weakness, and in some disturbing cases, they are threatened not to inform anyone. This applies immense pressure to their already frail state and leads to further health problems and mental complications s a result of skilled nursing facility abuse.

As soon as you find out that an elder is being physically, mentally, or financially, abused at a nursing facility, be sure to contact Lanzone Morgan, LLP at 1-888-887-9777 for instantaneous assistance.

Signs Of Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Abuse

One of the major problems we have come across is the lack of staff in nursing facilities. If there is ample staff, they are not adequately trained to provide care for elderly residents.
Whether you are a caretaker, or a family member, it is your responsibility to look for signs which might be pointing to abuse. You should look for signs like malnutrition, over-medication, unsanitary conditions, dehydration, bruises, or cuts. Behavioral changes like sudden mood swings, fearful attitude towards staff members, and a progressively negative attitude are all pointers as well.
If you suspect that an elderly relative is facing abuse at the hands of staff members of a skilled nursing facility, you should immediately consider reporting it to the local police department and California Department of Public Health.
You can file your complaint with the Department of Public Health

Skilled Nursing Facility Abuse Attorneys

It is devastating for family members to find out that an elderly loved one was being abused at the skilled nursing facility they chose for them. However, letting emotions cloud your judgments isn’t the best strategy in such a case. After you have removed the relative from the care facility, the next step should be to get legal help.
At Lanzone Morgan, we have a team of dedicated attorneys with years of practice in elder abuse cases. In our experience, we have come across a diverse range of abuse cases in which a staff member from a skilled nursing facility was involved. We believe it is our teamwork, experience, and close collaboration with the affected families, which enabled us to get our clients what they rightfully deserve.
Elderly abuse cases are quite sensitive and need to be addressed with complete dedication, which is why, we are more than ready to provide all our clients one-on-one private sessions, so that you convey the entire case and your expectations, effectively.
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