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Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

It is not easy to transfer an elderly relative to a nursing home for fear that the level of care they receive will be inadequate or that they will be a victim of nursing home neglect. It is emotionally difficult to cope up with the fact that your elderly loved one will be dependent on individuals you do not know and that you do not necessarily trust.
However, when the time comes you need to move your elderly relatives to a nursing home or skilled nursing facility (SNF) where professionals would care for them. It is natural that you expect the best care and consideration from the facility you entrust with their care.
In the last decade, there have been many cases where staff members of a skilled nursing facility or nursing home were involved in elder abuse. In a survey, it was concluded that every one out of three nursing home facilities have been involved in elder abuse due to neglect in the past.

If you suspect that a loved one suffered emotional or physical abuse, or even death, all due to neglect on the part of a nursing home facility, you should first report it to the California Department of Public Health at

Signs Of Nursing Home Neglect

“Neglect” means the failure of a caregiver to provide food, shelter, clothing, medical services, or health care for the person unable to care for self; or the failure of person to provide these needs for self as result of mental or physical inability. (Any conditions, which fall under this definition, are considered as abuse due to neglect.)
Nursing home abuse due to neglect can be confirmed if you see the following or related symptoms:
While no amount of money or compensation can make up for the trauma your loved one faced, you should still take legal action against the responsible person so that this does not happen again. You can contact a nursing home neglect attorney at our law firm to help you and the victim get justice!

Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys

When an elderly loved one or a relative faces abuse due to neglect on part of a nursing home facility, you owe it to them to take action. Staying silent and keeping such issues to yourself will do nothing but increase the chances of something similar happening again. At Lanzone Morgan, an experienced and dedicated nursing home neglect attorney can help you recognize your rights, what sort of laws have been violated, and what actions can be taken to attain justice in court.
We have a knowledgeable and proficient team of nursing home neglect attorneys who will first conduct an in-depth evaluation of your case, and then they will guide you through all the essential procedures and formalities. Our neglect attorneys are courteous, they understand that such cases where elder abuse is involved are quite sensitive, and need to be addressed on an individual basis.
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