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Elder Abuse

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Nursing Home Abuse Cases

At Lanzone Morgan, LLP our attorneys have represented many elderly nursing home residents and their families, providing excellent service and great results.
As the elderly population continues to increase as a result of improved medical treatment and care, cases of elder abuse have also increased. Elder abuse occurs in nursing homes and care facilities all across the country, and our team of attorneys coordinate with various healthcare and legal experts to develop the best defense strategy when representing your case.
The elderly in our community must be protected and it is our priority to provide the necessary consultation to our victims and their families. Our attorneys believe in achieving justice and proper settlement when involved with any nursing home abuse case.
Elder Abuse Cases

Nursing Home Abuse Cases

We approach each elder abuse case with a strong sense of determination and drive to do what right. Any form of elder abuse from a nursing home or care facility is a deplorable act and needs to be handled with the utmost care and according to the letter of the law.
All facilities associated with elder abuse are responsible for reporting elder abuse, nursing home negligence, senior neglect and wrongful death claims. Our attorneys take on abuse cases in which the victims and their families can be justifiably compensated for the physical, emotional, and financial damage that they suffered.
As a nursing home abuse law firm, our primary goal is to win your case and achieve justice that you deserve. Our clients who suffer from elder abuse should feel completely secure and safe once we have settled your case. With our resources and network connections, it is our personal guarantee to provide the assistance in your case that you need.

Commitment to Nursing Home Abuse Victims and Their Families

We look at every elder abuse case with a committed sense of determination as well as drive to do what is right. Any type of elder abuse from nursing homes or a care facility is deplorable and must be handled carefully as wel as in accordance to the law.

Each facility that is associated with elder abuse is responsible for reporting any elder abuse, senior neglect, wrongful death, and nursing home negligence claims. Our skilled lawyers take on such abuse cases where the victims as well as their loved ones can be properly compensated for any emotional, financial, and especially physical damage that they may have suffered.

Being a nursing home abuse law firm, our dedicated goal is to win your case as well as to seek the justice that you and yours deserve. Our valued clients suffering from elder abuse should feel totally safe and secure once our attorneys have settled your case. With our network connections and resources, it is our committed guarantee to get you the assistance with your case that you require.

Contact Lanzone Morgan, LLP online or call our office at 888-887-9777 to discuss your case with one of our lawyers who will discuss your case with you. In your consultation, we will discuss any of the experiences and situations that have led to the elder abuse as well as your legal rights, responsibilities, and objectives as to how to approach the case.
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