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At Lanzone Morgan, we have a profound understanding of the level of care which skilled nursing facilities and other healthcare providing facilities owe to you and your loved one. If an elderly resident faces a fall and an injury, it points to the level of unprofessionalism being practiced by the facility.
We have a team of skilled attorneys, who have years of dedicated practice in litigation against care facilities, which were involved in elder abuse cases, be it due to neglect or forced abuse. We have also come across a number of cases, in which, we found out that the nursing facilities lacked measures, which are supposed to prevent the risk of falls, if they did, they failed to carry out a fail prevention protocol. We are proud to have successfully helped a large number of elderly patients get what they deserve, their rights!
According to a research study, a large number of elderly residents who take sleep medication or those who take it for the first time are at an increased risk of facing a fall incident.

If you suspect that an elderly relative or any elderly resident of a skilled nursing facility faced a fall injury and the facility failed to execute a fall-prevention plan, you should consider calling us at 1-888-887-9777 to speak to Anthony C. Lanzone and James M. Morgan today!

Nursing Home Falls & Fractures Attorney

Shifting an elderly loved one to a nursing home where they are dependent on a caretaker for all their day-to-day needs like eating, medication, personal hygiene, is not easy, but things that you might not consider like open windows or staircases can cause nursing home fall & fracture injuries. When you transfer your loved one to a skilled nursing facility, you need to consider a number of things. You need to be sure that the facility has ample staff and the standards of living are normal.
However, the blind trust on nursing facility staff members results in cases of falls and fractures in the care facility. In a research study, it was observed that almost 50% of elderly residents in nursing facilities experienced a fall incident annually, out of which, 10% resulted in serious injuries like arm, leg or hip fractures.
To avoid situations where elder residents end up falling and hurting themselves, there are a number of conditions which should be strictly followed by staff members of nursing homes:
According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, almost 1,800 patients die each year as result of nursing home falls; this problem is constantly growing and you should be aware of such cases if you have an elderly loved one staying in a nursing home facility.
Additionally, nursing homes with inadequately trained staff and improper fall prevention protocols are highly likely to cause falls and fractures to elderly patients. Dim lighting, slippery/wet floor, mis-balanced beds, chairs, and mobility devices also make up for a large number of fall incidents, which result in fractures and even severe health problems.
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