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Assisted Living Facility Abuse

Assisted Living Facility Abuse Law Practice

Often, an assisted living facility is the best option for your elderly loved ones, as they don’t have many restrictions and offer the best of both worlds; family and serenity. Most elderly residents in nursing care facilities (SNF) face some sort of health problem, physical or mental, which is why they require 24-hour monitoring and assistance in their daily routine with things like cleaning up, personal hygiene, and eating.
However, the idea of an apartment with a kitchen and private bathrooms sounds perfect for elderly relatives who are self-sufficient. This way, their families also get to have peace of mind, as they know that in case their elderly loved one would require help, it would be there, thought they don’t require consistent supervision.
Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the elderly residents are free from the risk of being abused. There have been a large number of cases, which involved elderly abuse in assisted living facilities all around the United States.

If you suspect that an elderly relative or any elderly resident of assisted living facility is being abused and not being provided adequate care, call us at 1-888-887-9777 to speak to Anthony C. Lanzone and James M. Morgan today!

Signs Of Assisted Living Abuse

Although assisted living facilities don’t provide that in-depth level of care and supervision which elderly residents normally get in nursing care homes, they are still supposed to offer some basic care and support, as instructed by California’s Department of Social Services. If required, an assisted living facility representative should remind the patient to take medication or give a reminder for a doctor’s appointment. Likely, any help for driving, bathing, or daily activities should also be available.
As simple as these tasks sound, they could mean danger to the elderly residents if proper assistance isn’t present. If you feel that an elderly relative is facing abuse in an assisted living facility, look for the following signs:
Once you are sure that the elderly resident is being abused, consider removing them from the facility ASAP.

Elder Abuse Attorneys for Assisted Living Facilities

Once you have your elderly relative removed from the facility, the next step is to seek legal counsel from an experienced and dedicated abuse attorney. At Lanzone Morgan, we understand how sensitive such situations are where abuse is involved, and we understand that families finding out their relative was being abused are quite shocked and overwhelmed initially. That is why when you come to us, our skilled and courteous abuse attorneys guide you from the start.
First of all, a one-to-one private session is conducted to take in all the details from your end, after which our attorneys guide you through the ways you can get legally compensated and most importantly, get your rights.
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