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Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse In A Nursing Home

A large number of crimes and illegal activities continue to occur around the world almost every second and nursing homes are no exception. However, one of the most devastating crimes is that of sexual abuse, especially when the victim is an elder person who cannot defend himself or herself. Sexually abusing an elder is unthinkable for most people, but during our years of experience we have come across a large number of disturbing cases where an elder was being sexually abused at a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or by in-home healthcare providers.
Sexual abuse in a Nursing Home is defined as physical contact in sensitive areas with an elderly person without the elder’s consent. Such contact can involve physical sex acts but activities such as forcing an elderly person to watch pornographic material or forcing the elder to undress are also considered as elder sexual abuse.
When you put your elderly loved ones in a nursing home or hire an in-home healthcare provider, it is never easy to watch them being cared for by strangers. However, eventually, you have to trust these professionals to provide adequate care and you expect that they will always be responsible and will not put the life of your loved ones in danger. When this level of trust is breached, it is extremely devastating for all those who are involved in the matter.

If you suspect that an elderly person is being abused, you should be diligent enough to report it ASAP. For abuse in nursing homes you can report it with the Department of Public Health Licensing and Certification at, you can also contact the local police department for help.

Signs Of Elderly Sexual Abuse

You can look for the following signs to affirm if an elder is being abused sexually:
Apart from these physical signs, you might also notice behavioral changes like scared behavior, aggression, or any other sudden changes in personality.

Attorneys Who Fight Against Sexual Abuse

While in such cases monetary compensation may not be your primary concern, financial damages may become essential to care for the injuries your loved has obtained. Additionally, you may also need funds to pay for a better, healthier living situation.
At Lanzone Morgan we understand that in such a scenario you will need someone who will aggressively pursue legal action against the person responsible for causing pain and suffering to your loved one. This is why we bring years of experience and dedicated practice in elder abuse cases to you.
Our elder sexual abuse lawyers have come across some of the most disturbing elder abuse cases in the past, which has equipped them with the perfect skills to get you and your loved ones the compensation and justice you deserve!
We understand how difficult and emotionally-wrecking it must be to find out someone elderly close to you is being abused. However, as soon as you find out, call Anthony C. Lanzone and James M. Morgan at 1-888-887-9777 to ensure that the victim gets justice!
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