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Selene Ramirez- Office Manager

Selene Ramirez


Selene Ramirez is Lanzone Morgan’s Office Manager, highly respected for her bold, empowering and inspirational presence.

Selene has been with Lanzone Morgan since its inception. Her commitment to Lanzone Morgan has resulted in an extremely supportive work environment, which functions successfully through communication and respect.

Selene has always been a supporter of the underdog as she wants everyone to understand their worth. She considers being able to empower others and let them know they are worthy to be her most notable achievement in her career.

Selene’s love for all people is evident through her goals: to change peoples’ hearts, lives and opinions, and to leave a strong impression on everyone she encounters.

Selene earned her Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies in New York. She is also a Notary Public and a facilitator for a women’s ministry. Born and raised in Queens, New York, her childhood consisted of a loud and happy family who loved to dance in a city with bright lights, colorful seasons and endless opportunities. Her childhood’s impact on her life is unmistakable. She passionately gives a voice to the vulnerable and voiceless in her personal and professional lives. As an Office Manager, she gives endless growth and learning opportunities to other employees and is always ready to lend a helpful hand or give advice. In her personal life, she works with our community’s most underserved population, primarily through her ministry.
Significant career experiences are not the only opportunities which Selene considers important. She is grateful for her opportunity to learn from her mother, sister, life coach, spiritual mentor, and all empowering women. Jim and Anthony have also been big influences in her life as “they have poured support and loyalty into [her]. They are all about justice and it truly makes you feel like you are part of a real life Justice League. They are righteous.” Selene cannot imagine working with anyone other than Anthony and Jim. Selene plans to continue her work with them to make the biggest positive impact possible.
Selene vows to never stop helping others find their voice and fighting for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Over the course of her career at Lanzone Morgan, Selene learned the importance of preparing for retirement.  Selene’s advice to others is to prepare for retirement now by getting your paperwork and trust taken care of and cultivating strong familial bonds because support from loved ones is imperative to successful aging and elder care.
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