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Ketty Wehrhan- Records Manager

Ketty Wehrhan


Ketty Wehrhan, Lanzone Morgan’s well-respected Records Manager, works to file documents, sort medical records and manage the distribution and organization of all files that are sent to Lanzone Morgan. She worked alongside the partners, Anthony and Jim, since the start of their career together at a previous law firm. Since then, Ketty has been with Anthony and Jim for over eighteen years.

Before working for a law firm, Ketty aspired and succeeded in becoming a pastry chef. She received her Culinary Arts degree from California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and spent the following ten years as a pastry chef. She then moved on to earn an Associates of Art degree in Liberal Arts from Los Angeles Harbor Community College which allowed her to further receive a certification for Dietetics from Long Beach Community College.

Her background in food and medical experience inspired her Dietetics Certification. As a child, Ketty often accompanied her father, who had his own medical practice, on house calls where they visited elderly patients and nursing homes. She then worked with her mother, a nurse consultant at a hospital.

Ketty’s parents not only inspired her interest in the medical field, but they also instilled in her respect and compassion for the elderly. Growing up, she watched her father and mother take care of both of their mothers. At each house call, Ketty’s father taught her the importance of listening to others; he understood that patients may be lonely and simply want someone to talk to. Providing them with his time often made them feel better. From her father’s empathy, Ketty learned to have compassion and patience for the elderly.
In addition to her parents, Ketty also looked up to her grandmother. During hard times, Ketty often finds herself reflecting on her grandmother’s journey to provide her with the confidence and determination to endure difficult situations. Ketty tells her grandmother’s story:
“She migrated to the United States from Mexico when she was 14-years-old, escaping the Mexican American war. As a result of the war, she was orphaned and her aunts arranged for her to be sent by a box car to New Mexico, then California. In California, there was a man 20-years older than her who she was to meet and marry. That union produced eight children with my mother being the youngest. As she raised her eight children, she also ran a cantina/bar for laborers who worked the citrus fields in Corona, CA. When she died, she left behind $50,000 for each of her kids. I don’t think this was bad at all for a girl who could not speak English, did not have an education, married an older man with three overbearing sisters-in-law, ran a cantina, and bought/sold property.”
Ketty continues to find inspiration at Lanzone Morgan as she describes Anthony and Jim as crusaders for the elderly, taking on cases that most law firms will not take. She praises their integrity and finds herself amazed at watching two young lawyers grow and build a practice. She describes the partners as committed and sincere, loving their passion and genuinely demanding change in the way we care for our elderly people.
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