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Justice Secured for Late Long Beach Veteran, Lawrence Eber, in Landmark Financial Elder Abuse Trial

Late Long Beach Veteran, Lawrence Eber
Late Long Beach Veteran, Lawrence Eber

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA – In a groundbreaking decision that marks a significant victory for elder rights, particularly those of U.S. Veterans, the law firm of Lanzone Morgan, LLP has successfully litigated a case of financial elder abuse against Veterans Care Coordination, LLC. The trial, which concluded today in Long Beach, California, has resulted in a verdict in favor of the estate of the late Lawrence Eber, a Vietnam War veteran.

Lawrence Eber, who passed away before the conclusion of the case, courageously filed a lawsuit against Veterans Care Coordination, LLC, alleging financial elder abuse. Mr. Eber, during his lifetime, was wrongfully deprived of a significant portion of his VA Pension with Aid & Attendance benefit by the defendant, a Missouri-based company.

Over an 11-month period, Veterans Care Coordination, LLC withdrew 99.8% ($19,838.00) of Mr. Eber’s entitled benefit, leaving him with a mere $40.00 of his benefit. This conduct by the defendant involved concealing from Mr. Eber and his brother the fact that Mr. Eber was entitled to keep the pension portion of his benefit and did not have to use his entire VA benefit for home care services, from which the company profited through commissions.  After a rigorous trial before a jury of 12 in Long Beach, the jury found Veterans Care Coordination, LLC liable for financial elder abuse. The jury awarded $19,817.00 in economic damages, $50,000.00 in noneconomic damages, and $375,000.00 in punitive damages. According to Richard Eber, the brother of Lawrence Eber,

“We need to stop this cottage industry that is taking pension benefits from vulnerable Veterans. I hope this verdict will be noticed by the VA and will draw attention to those businesses that profit by manipulating U.S. Veterans out of their pensions.”

James Morgan of Lanzone Morgan, LLP, representing the plaintiff’s estate, stated,

“After four years of litigation, it is gratifying to see a jury agree that Veterans Care Coordination, LLC’s conduct amounted to financial elder abuse and should be punishable with a punitive damage verdict. This is a victory not only for Lawrence Eber, but for all Veterans who may have been victimized by Veterans Care Coordination, LLC. No one should profit by wrongfully taking the pensions of U.S. Veterans.”

The verdict sends a strong message against the exploitation of elderly veterans and underscores the importance of protecting this vulnerable segment of our community. Lanzone Morgan, LLP remains committed to fighting against elder abuse and upholding the rights of seniors, especially those who have served our country.

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