Amber Tham | Senior Associate

Amber Tham began working at Lanzone Morgan in 2008 as a post-bar law clerk shortly before becoming an attorney in 2009. Since then, she has been one of Lanzone Morgan’s most distinguished attorneys.

In 2005, Amber graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in English and Legal Studies. Throughout her undergraduate education, Amber worked as a legal assistant for an elder abuse attorney and assisted another attorney in preparing for trial. Amber received a lot of work that most attorneys would not trust a legal assistant with, and these opportunities inspired Amber to pursue law. During this time, Amber also found inspiration in her grandmother who lived in a nursing home in Hawaii. Amber remembers visiting her, observing her unusual lack of appetite and inability to eat and staff members did the bare minimum to help her. When her grandmother passed away, Amber knew it was due to the nursing home’s neglect and failure to properly provide her grandmother assistance with eating. While she knows that she cannot help her grandmother, she wants to help other families from losing loved ones to the neglectful nature of nursing homes.

            Amber attended law school at the University of California, Hastings College of Law. While in law school, she worked for the legal researching and writing department. She also was a supervising assistant for the student resource legal research and writing. In 2009, Amber graduated Cum Laude.

            Growing up in San Bernardino, Amber grew up in a largely underprivileged community. By living in this area, she learned that people from all walks of life have value despite not being wealthy. Living in a diverse community, Amber’s compassion and down-to-earth nature portray the values her community stands for.

            Amber believes Lanzone Morgan embodies those same characteristics. When describing Lanzone Morgan, Amber says:

            “Whenever there is a firm that actually truly cares about clients, I think that makes it long-lasting. There is a good foundation here. This firm, its foundation, is rock solid because we care about our clients. That is why we participate in events, provide seminars, etc. We provide connections to our clients and maintain relationships with clients whose cases are settled.”

            Throughout her career, Amber is most proud of helping various people and families. No matter the settlement size, families are always eternally grateful. She knows that family by family, she made a difference in helping them in some way. Amber also feels grateful to the families she helps, as it is rewarding to help families and feels there is something more innate about helping elders that makes it feel like a global accomplishment.

            At the beginning of Amber’s career, her job was her life. Now, as she has children, they are also a part of it. Her children have helped her feel more connected to her job because these family situations are much more realistic for her. Her children have become her strongest asset to her career. The idea of families losing loved ones resonates with her, as she can better feel their hardships and issues.

Bar Admissions: California, and Nevada

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Don’t let abuse happen to our beloved elders. Don’t let those at fault get away with abuse.